What I Teach

My specialties include:


“Preparing for the SSAT with Charles was hard work. It paid off in the end, not only for my SSAT score, but he also helped make my regular class work easier. Charles is patient, and he goes beyond the exercises to link our lessons to global issues and current events. If you want higher SSAT marks, I strongly suggest using Charles to help.”

— S.M., an SSAT student who gained entry into UTS

Conquering the SSAT is extremely important for young students. I have helped students gain entry into top private schools, including University of Toronto Schools, the top merit-based prep school in Canada.


“The character trait that I admire most in Charles is that he always thinks before he speaks. When I come across questions that are unfamiliar, Charles helps to lead me to the answers, yet amazingly, I figure them out myself. Charles’s talents and influence have helped me immensely with my preparation. Charles Trapunski has been my first and only SAT tutor.”

— N.F., an SAT student

I have taught the SAT in both one-to-one and group settings. Some of my students have gone on to attend top universities in the United States—New York University, Boston University, and the University of Maryland. I also help students prepare for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), a test that is essential for graduate schools.


“I retained the tutoring services of Charles Trapunski to help me prepare to write my GED test. At 53 years old, I had some reservations of how the chemistry between the two of us might be. My concerns were unfounded. I was instantly comfortable with him. Charles is an excellent teacher. He is patient, kind, and excels academically in his profession.”

— L.C., a General Educational Development student

It is important to stay the course. For students returning to school, or in need of a little bit of guidance to get back on track. I help to simplify and explain what, at first blush, appears to be a complex and varied test.

Writing and Reading Skills for Young Children

“My son went through several tutors, but his development was slow until Charles worked with him. Charles’ gentle ways and techniques brought him out. With improved confidence, his reading greatly improved. Unlike other tutors, Charles’ pleasant and encouraging ways made my son look forward to tutor time. Getting Charles to work with my son was a very good investment. I call Charles our ‘miracle tutor’.”

— C.V., a proud parent.

To provide a head start, I help younger students to gain confidence and develop an aptitude throughout their entire scholastic career. My ‘advanced basics’ approach works wonders with impressionable students.

Essay Writing Skills for High School and University Students

”Charles’ tutoring service is much more than proofreading. Charles identifies my expectations and needs, politely suggesting logical solutions. From Charles, I learned the way to develop correct sentences. His analytical acumen and keen writing skills helped me create meaningful and coherent essays with a central framework. In addition to his technical skills, he is approachable, friendly, and humorous.”

— R.L., a law school student.

The structure of essay writing is an essential skill for students pursuing higher education, and I provide the foundation for building that structure. I develop confident, capable, and caring writers.

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